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You will see many people wearing bandanas all the time and they look great.. However, you don't know how to wear it. Novelty Bandana can teach you how to wear a bandana.. There are several options for tying one, so see what works best for you and your style needs.Novelty Bandana also provides stylish, fun and practical headscarves. There are many styles of our headscarves, you can choose different combinations of bandana.You can click this link to start your selection.(

1. Classic Headband

You might already know this, but a bandana can make an incredibly stylish      headhband. This is an easy way to sweep your hair away from your face while avoiding the gnarly headache that most normal headbands bring.      

To get this look, fold your square bandana in half and fold it repeatedly until it is in a thin line. Tie the bandana at the ends and place over your head, pulling the ties to the back of your head, under your hair. You can wear this look while running errands, studying, or hanging out with friends.


2. Tied in Front

 This takes the headband look   from  earlier but adds some   extra spunk to it. Instead of   twisting the ties to the back, tie   your bandana in the front.
 If you don’t like the way that   the  ties are sticking up in   photo 1, you can also tuck   them in. This creates a knot on the top of your head which is a fresh take on the bandana headband look. This would be a great accessory to wear to class, to a carnival, or to a casual dinner.


The classic ponytail is one of my favorite hair-dos but sometimes it needs a little refreshing. A simple way to do this is by adding a fun bandana to your ponytail. Simply tie your favorite bandana around your ponytail to update this classic style. This is perfect for going to a diner, class, or even date night.


So, your outfit needs something to go with it but none of your necklaces are speaking to you? A great way to add a little flair to an outfit is by tying a bandana around your neck.

3.Cowgirl Chic

Another option for the necklace bandana look is to go classic, like a cowboy (or girl!). To achieve this look, fold the bandana into a triangle and tie the ends at the back of your neck. This is perfect for a costume or for a way to hide a low-cut shirt or dress. It also naturally guides others’ eyes to your face so that you can show off your amazing self.



4.Parisian Girl

You an do this by folding the bandana similarly to  the headband styles but instead tying the ends  around your neck. You can tighten it for a choker  look or leave it long to look like a statement  necklace. You can also hide the ends by moving  them to the back. This look is a great idea for a fair  or a day full of shopping. It also gives off Parisian  vibes!







5.It’s All About the Bag

If you don’t want to physically wear your bandana but still want to use it as a fashion piece, you can tie it around your bag. This sets your standard backpack or purse apart from the rest. Maybe this is a way that you can easily find your bag at the airport or feel a little bit more stylish when toting your bag to class or a party. Either way, it is a great way to wear your classic bandana.

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